people will get hurt. sometimes the people closest to you. so i want you to promise me something, okay? leave gwen out of it. promise me that. you promise me.



who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

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idk man it just makes me so so so sad when you’re watching a cutiepie talk about their passion like when they light up and start bubbling over with words and then all of a sudden they stop themselves and say stuff like “sorry, i know this is boring” or “sorry i just got excited”

like you know somewhere in their life someone they respected told them “shut up nobody cares” and ever since they can’t talk about their favorite things without apologizing every 5 seconds


I fucking hate when there’s a major character death in a fic and the author doesn’t use the warning. FUCKING hate it.


I just realized that I grew up during a time where the crazy frog was a thing. Like that was an actual thing that happened, that blue fucking piece of shit frog took the world by storm and it even had a tiny dick and all it did was sing annoying songs while racing around sci-fi towns in a distant future on an invisible motorbike. I can’t believe this. How did that happen. Who LET that happen.




Supernatural AU where every time Dean and Cas stare at each other for longer than five seconds Sam glares at the camera and it zooms in on his face like The Office. 



This brought me to tears OH MY GOD


This article is great because that author tried to put in as many dick jokes that he possibly could.

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